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Welcome to

I am a Danish collector who is reluctantly disposing of
my collection through this web-site.
Have a look, and you
may find just what you need for your own collection, or perhaps
something that would make a perfect gift for someone special.

Here you will find stamps and other collections.

Please come back often to
Good hunting ! Regards, Gunnar Leopold.

Big property in Bulgaria Back- and front garden
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Price: DKK 2.425.000,00
Oil painting of Th. Skovgaard
Size 100x70 cm.
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Price: DKK 1.100,00
Foldet brev COLONIES ART-12 fra Boston til Cognac
Historien om hjuldamperen ACADIA fra CUNARD er vedlagt
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Price: DKK 875,00
Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1856 Mi 1 4/4 Schilling
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Price: DKK 450,00
Havana Foldet brev med COLONIES ART-13
Handelsbrev til Paris med udregning 65.35
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Price: DKK 200,00
Finland 1928 Stamp Exhibition in Helsinki
Both values cancelled Catalog value FACIT SEK 320
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Price: DKK 180,00

Onsdag d. 21 februar 2018

Mi403B + Mi405B MLH Katalogværdi kr. 600,00
AFA414u + AFA 416u ubrugt
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Price: DKK 380,00
Offer: DKK 280,00

Iceland 1873 4 sk Official stamp AFA 1B Line perf
Nice cancellation
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Price: DKK 475,00

AFA 9A 40 p rosa Roulette C(1)
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Price: DKK 275,00

Norge 1863 24 sk FACIT/AFA 10 stemplet Sandefjord
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Price: DKK 400,00

USA 1895 10c Special delivery MLH Mi 116 EU 150
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Price: DKK 650,00

Gaveide til et lille sønderjysk kaffebord
Æske med 6 kagegafler og 6 kaffeskeer i pletsølv med mærke aldrig brugt
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Price: DKK 180,00

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