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The property LEOPOLDINA in Kavarna. > Property in Bulgaria
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The property, which has been finished in 2006, is situated at a high level (120 meter over the sea level) and have a far-flung view through a valley belove to the Black Sea and to Kavarna City in the opposite direction. It is built into a rock slope, for which reason the entrance is to a hall on the second floor. From the first floor there is a direct way out to the nice garden with an open fire-place.

From all the 4 flats there is the most beautiful sea view againt east, a view which cannot been taken, as the property is situated so high!
Against west you are able to see the little closed front garden with rooms for cars and in the far distance top the city of Kavarna with all its shops possibilities.

The 4 flats are heated with nature gas. The floors are either parquet or with tiles. The kitchens have refrigerator, dishing machine and cooker, which are both to el and nature gas.

A well situated property built in a traditional Bulgarian style.

The picture shows the view from the garden through the valley below to the Black sea in the east !

Just think about how the view will be three floors up !

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1.  Big property in Bulgaria Back- and front garden
[ Place in basket ]
Price: DKK 2.425.000,00
2.  Etage-2
3- værelses lejlighed i byejendom i Kavarna med den skønneste panoramaudsigt til salg
This floor's flat is abled to work separately!!
3.  Etage-3
3-værelses lejlighed i byejendom. Den højtbeliggende udsigt kan nydes fra en stor solterrasse og 2 balkonner.
4.  Floor-4
3-rooms luxury apartment. A penthouse apartment with a big high to the ceiling and maybe the best view from KAVARNA to the Black Sea.
A furnished flat ready for use.
5.  Hvad er der i ejendommen
Det er rart at vide
Man kan bo her året rundt !
6.  Omgivelsen
Hvad kan man få tiden til at gå med ?
Man kan opleve noget hele året !
7.  Property in Bulgaria 1st floor exit to backgarten
One sleeping room with 4-5 beds
Big dining room with kitchen and 1 sleeping room
8.  Road maps and City maps
Where is KAVARNA situated ?
Remember to click the photo to have it enlarged !
9.  The view to the BLACK SEA and neighbourhood
What you can see from the windows
Perfect situated. Panorama view to the Black Sea!

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